Cato Hours: Today, Weekends, Holidays in 2024

Get to know Cato hours to shop for clothes and accessories. This American retail store is very popular among fashion people, especially women.

You can buy all the clothes with desired sizes, some accessories, and cosmetics.

For those who are ready to go shopping at Cato, you should know about the Cato hours. When it is open and close?

Cato Hours of Operation in 2024

The Cato stores are spread all over the U.S. The corporation has them in more than 1.300 locations.

Most stores are available for 11 hours a day. However, it still depends on the location of the store. Hence, it is a must to check the official website.





10:00 AM

09:00 PM


10:00 AM

09:00 PM


10:00 AM

09:00 PM


10:00 AM

09:00 PM


10:00 AM

09:00 PM


10:00 AM

09:00 PM

From Monday to Saturday, Cato will start at 10:00 AM. Then, they will close at 09:00 PM in the night. Most stores of Cato you can find will follow that timing.

Therefore, you will know the exact and the best time to visit the nearby Cato store.

Cato Weekend Hours

How about the weekend? As mentioned above, Saturday has the same timing as all the weekday dates.

Otherwise, the only day that gets a different schedule is on Sunday.

The timing is reduced by a few hours. Instead of opening at 09:00 AM, on this day, the store is open from 01:00 PM until 06:00 PM.

Additionally, the opening time will be late and the closing time will be early in the Weekend. It is only about 5 hours a day.

Cato corporation does not have a store that opens for 24 hours.

Cato Holiday Hours: Open-Close n 2024

How about during holidays and special days. On most holidays, Cato would still be open since it would feel like a regular day.

Here are the Holidays when Cato can still visit their stores:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Valentines Day
  • Mardi Grass Fat Tuesday
  • Martin Luther King, Jr Day
  • Easter Monday
  • Juneteenth
  • Mothers Day
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Memorial Day
  • Fathers Day
  • Presidents Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Halloween
  • Columbus Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • St Patrick’s day
  • Black Friday
  • Good Friday
  • New Years’s Eve
  • Boxing Day

There are only three holidays which Cato decided to close their business. They are Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, and Thanksgiving.

The Cato hours for holidays would be according to the day. Further, the weekday and weekend schedules would still be applied.

About Cato Fashion

This is the retailer of fashion and accessories for women, based in America. It was founded by a United Merchants employee named Wayland Cato.

Further, he decided to build hir own business with his two sons, Edgar Thomas and Wayland Henry Cato.

It was 1968 when Cato initially went public. However, they averted bankruptcy in the 1990s because of the discount pricing strategy.

Until January 2016, Cato already has active stores in a total of 1,327. Also, the store has several different names, Cato Plus, Versona, It’s Fashion, It’s Fashion Metro, and Cato.

By visiting the official website, Cato fashions(dot)com, customers will know more about its history. Therefore, no need to visit the stores if you do not want to.

Furthermore, purchase their collection right from the web. The products would get to your place via a shipment.

Cato Fashion Locations

How to find Cato Fashion locations? There are two ways to find Cato store on near you. Let’s check out:

Cato Store Locator

To find Cato store location, visit their official store finder [click here]. Then, type in the city and state or ZIP code. 

You will then receive a list of stores that is near you with other information such as the phone number, address until the Cato hours of that location. 

Google Maps

Another way to get the Cato store location is by Google Maps. All you need to do is open the application and type in Cato near me. 

The map will then show the nearest Cato near you with the opening and closing hours

What Time Does Cato Open?

It starts at 10 am from Monday to Saturday, whereas on Sunday, it opens the store a little bit late, at 1 pm.

Hence, customers might come to the store from morning to evening.

The Cato hours may not be varied in different locations, they are all having the same schedule for opening and closing times.

In short, Cato opens for 11 hours during the weekdays. Then, they open only for 5 hours on Sunday. They reduce it by a few hours.

What Time Does Cato Close?

Cato closes its stores at 9 pm from Monday to Saturday, the regular days. Meanwhile, on the weekend, the employee only works for about 5 hours a day.

Moreover, it closes its store 3 hours earlier at 6 pm.

Is Cato Open On New Year’s Day?

Yes, it is open. You can visit the stores on 1 January every year. Thus, you can enjoy new year’s shopping at Cato.

Indeed, it is also open in the evening on December 31st. In addition, Cato has its stores open during most holidays in America.

It will only be closed during Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, and Easter Sunday.

So, what are Cato hours during holidays? It depends on the day. It will follow the timings if weekdays or weekend.

Final Note

Fashionistas, especially women, have to know this information about Cato Hours. So, they will know the right time to visit and enjoy shopping at Cato Fashions.

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