Hobby Lobby Hours: Today, Sunday, Holidays 2024

If you are looking for a unique gift for your loved ones, then Hobby Lobby is the perfect place for you. Hobby Lobby has everything which you can need to decorate your home or garden. The company also provides many services such as floral, wedding, party decorations, and custom furniture.

So, if you want to buy some amazing items from the store then you should know about the Hobby Lobby hours, public holiday hours, today hours, Saturday and Sunday hours.

What is a Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby is a retail store that sells home décor, arts and crafts supplies, and other hobbyist items. It has over 600 stores across the United States and a few stores internationally. Hobby Lobby was founded in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma by David Green and his family in 1972. In 2014, Hobby Lobby was the eighth largest retailer in the United States with $3.7 billion in sales.

Some of the popular items in Hobby Lobby include decorating decorates, walls, pottery barn pots, home organization storage, lamps, wall art, books, and crafts. Hobby Lobby stores have products for all ages and all genders, and are perfect for people who like to make things for their home.

Hobby Lobby’s success is not only due to the quality of products but it is also because of the fact that they give the customer a variety of products at an affordable price. They have a great team who always provide good customer service and help their customers with their needs.

Hobby Lobby Hours

If you want to visit Hobby Lobby then you come to the right place, you will find all the details about the store’s opening hours. There are certain days when Hobby Lobby opens for the public and others are only for the store employees. So, we are going to tell you what are Hobby Lobby opening and closed hours. Check this out!


9 am to 8 Pm


9 am to 8 Pm


9 am to 8 Pm


9 am to 8 Pm


9 am to 8 Pm


9 am to 8 Pm



Hobby Lobby Holiday Open/Closed Hours 2021

Hobby Lobby has announced their holiday hours for the upcoming year. The following is a list of their hours and stores.

Thanksgiving Day


Friday after Thanksgiving 

8 a.m. to 9 p.m

Saturday after Thanksgiving

8 a.m. to 9 p.m

Christmas Eve

9 a.m. to 5: 30 p.m

Christmas Day


New Year’s Eve

9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m

New Year’s Day

9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m

Hobby Lobby Coupons

For many people, Hobby Lobby is a place to find discount art supplies, fabrics and interesting craft materials. While the prices are reasonable in most areas, there may be some supply packs and arts and crafts deal that cannot be found elsewhere. To find the hobby deals at Hobby Lobby Stores Hours just search for “Hobby Lobby Deals”.

Hobby Lobby’s Facebook page is a good place to find deals and coupons. Every time Hobby Lobby posts a new coupon, they usually also post a picture of the new or upcoming items that will be featured on the website.

Hobby Lobby is also located near shopping malls, so you can find additional discounts on daily basis. For example, if you frequent The Gardens Mall, you may be able to save more than 30% on your purchase by using this particular Hobby Lobby coupon code: QBSABI34

Hobby Lobby: Frequently Asked Questions

What are Hobby Lobby hours on Sunday?

Hobby Lobby is closed on Sunday. You can check on Hobby Lobby hours list above.

Is Hobby Lobby Closed Christmas Eve?

According to their website, Hobby Lobby is open 9 a.m. to 5: 30 p.m on Christmas Eve because of a company policy, and closes on Christmas Day.

Is Hobby Lobby a bad place work?

Not at all. It’s not a bad place to work if you have your head on straight.

Final Note

Hobby Lobby is a perfect place to shop for gifts and other things. If you are a craft lover and if you are looking for some ideas to decorate your room, then you should visit this place.

So, if you want to visit the store on any of the above days then you should know about the Hobby Lobby hours. This way, you can plan your trip well and visit the store on days of the week.

Hopefully it can help you find information, don’t forget to continue to visit our website Pacifiquela.com so that information about business hours grows all the time!

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